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BJ Lessons w/ Mia Khalifa February 16, 2015 Hey girls. Want to suck dick like Mia K? Fellas, want your girl to suck your dick like Mia K? Then this is the perfect video for you. Mia breaks her techniques down to four easy steps and shows you just how it's done. When your girl implements these easy steps, she'll have your dick blasting like old faithful. If only regular school was this fucking hot.
She popped a fan’s cherry!!! February 9, 2015 Sometimes you have to give back to the fans that give you the most. Mia had a fan that contacted her asking if she would help him lose his virginity. As strange as the request was, she thought she could genuinely help him gain some confidence and learn some tips for the next time he encounters a form of the female kind. Surprisingly, Mia enjoyed his air of innocence and naivety regarding sex, it was an experience she might be open to doing again, with another fan who truly needs the help.
Black vs White, Mia’s Ultimate Dick Challenge. February 2, 2015 Mia has a lot of friends back home who are fascinated with my sexual liberation in America. Although they can’t be as open as her, they are curious none the less. Mia wanted to make this video in particular for them to subside their incessant questions about American men (black and white in particular). Mia conducts a study for her friends that she shares with all of us. It’s equal parts informative for all of her girlfriends and hot for all us Mia fans. Mia said that although she has been with both races, she never took specific notes and really enjoyed getting up close and really appreciating both guys.
Mia Khalifa Tries A Big Black Dick January 26, 2015 We're driving Mia Khalifa around the city projects looking for a big black cock to fuck. She has never had one, but is willing to try one today. Lucky for her we ran into Rico Strong. He was chilling sipping on some tea. Enjoying the sun. Mia Khalifa pulls up and literally throws the pussy at him. Asking if he wants to fuck her brains out. Which Rico didn't mind at all. They head back to his place for some action, but after checking out his huge bulge, Mia had second thoughts. She's scared of the big black dick. We had to convince her that everything was going to be fine. Hopefully! Taking a 12 inch dick in her pussy is no easy task. Enjoy!
Mia's Video Game Night January 24, 2015 Mia Khalifa and her friends gathered together for a regular night of fun video games. But Mia tends to live life a little differently than most. So as she and her friends played video games, she had her male friend pleasure her. Mia was penetrated in several different positions as she continued to play video games. Never looking away from the tv.
Mia’s Big Black Threesome January 19, 2015 Mia can’t get enough of threesomes! She and her bf had a threesome with one of her besties, Tiffany. Mia loved it. Every time she has a threesome now she can’t stop talking about how she can’t wait to have another. Now she’s even talking about her next threesome being with one of her bf’s friends. So far he’s not into it but stay tuned. Until then we’ll listen to Mia complaining how “He's so fucking selfish, uhhh I hate him.” Mia has been sitting in on set and you can see how she’s getting hornier by the minute. To cool off, Mia went to the park for a bit. We tagged along because we can’t leave our girl horny and alone. These two big black guys were playing basketball and noticed she wasn't having such a great day. They asked her what's wrong and she let them know how much she wants a threesome but her bf is being a douche bag about it. The look on their faces was priceless. They were in and Mia knew it!! She asked them if they would like to fuck her and they had no hesitation at all, they said yes! Mia was so happy. Finally her fantasy is about to become a reality. Two big black dicks in Mia’s tight pussy. Mia practically ranback to their house so they could fuck her brains out. Cum and see for yourself how her first threesome with two big black dicks went.
Mia Khalifa is Back and Hotter Than Ever January 12, 2015 Mia Khalifa returns to bang Bros as a seemingly innocent College girl looking to make the grade. When Tony, the Professor's assistant walks in on the sexy Mia, sparks immediately start to fly. He can't get enough of her big luscious titties, and frankly neither can we. He then moves on to that sweet little pussy giving her the fuck she has been longing for. Finally, she takes a hot load in her mouth and swallows it. Now that's the way to get an A+.
She’s a sucker for a QB January 12, 2015 If you know Mia at all, you know that what she loves more than anything in the world is awardwinning star quarterbacks. Once Mia saw him hanging out with her ex-boyfriend, she knew that she had to have him. Even if he didn’t want it, but to Mia, “no” means “yes” and she knew he wanted it all along. She almost caught him at a bad time, he was on his way out to get some seafood on a five finger discount, but Mia was able to persuade him to hold off for a bit. Using her clam grip, it was worth the weeks of meticulous staking to find out his schedule. He’s a busy guy. She loved every second of it. It’s true what they say about football players, “Big talent, bigger scandal!”
Art imitating life. January 5, 2015 Mia let us in on a fantasy she’s always had that went a little something like this: When her step-mom finds out she’s dating an American man, she just about loses her shit. Thankfully, Mia has a sweet conservative family that is level headed and reasonable. So naturally there’s competition to see who can please Mia’s boyfriend better to determine whether Mia could keep dating him or not. Totally normal fantasy, right? That’s our Mia! At first Mia was a little apprehensive about having a threesome in general let alone with her STEP MOM, but once started taboo seems like it could be Mia’s middle name. This threesome really awakened something in Mia with her telling us all her next video has to be another threesome. Getting to make Mia’s craziest fantasies come true may be part of the job but what a dream job! Now you get to enjoy it just like we did. Trust me, you’re welcome.
Mia’s first Creampie December 29, 2014 Theres a lot of “firsts” in porn, but this was truly Mia’s first creampie. Not gonna lie, it was pretty obvious that Mia was nervous to fulfill this fantasy. She had never done it before because she was always scared of getting pregnant and didnt know what it would feel like to have a guy cum inside her. We think she enjoyed it way more than she should have because Mia’s told us that now every time she fucks she hopes that the guy will hold her down and just shoot his hot cum in her. Suffice to say she can’t wait until her next one!
Mia getting extra dick behind the scenes! December 22, 2014 We’ve all been there before... still horny from sex and wanting more, but your partner is halfway to the closest taco joint on their way home while you’re left looking through your phone contacts for a gutonous second indulgence. Luckily for Mia she has Porn Stars at her beck and call, or should i say, at our beck and call for her. The sexiest part about all of this, was knowing that she had just gotten done shooting a scene with Sean when we called Jmac to come over. Sean had no idea what he was getting into with Mia and how much dick our Mia needs! Mia definitely for what she wanted in the end and so will you.
Bath time is the Best Time December 15, 2014 Believe it or not this was Mia’s first scene. Everyone is nervous their first time at a job and Mia was no different. Full of frantic giggles and awkward eye contact. She told us later that she was hoping she wouldn’t mess it up the entire time. The more cock she had in front of her, the more relaxed and comfortable she felt though. Surprise, surprise, cock puts Mia at ease! She grabbed a few friends and took them to a place she house sit for all the time, because every time Mia sees the bathtub there, she pictures myself sucking a dick in it. Luckily, her enjoyment outweighed her nerves.
Mia's Porn Audition December 1, 2014 People ask us all the time “how do i get into the industry?” The answer is simple: interview. It’s just like any other job in corporate america where you have to compete for the position and earn maintaining it. Just like any other job interview, Here is Mia’s audition for example. She went into it pretty nervous. Honestly, for a moment I didn’t think she would get it. It was supposed to be an anal scene and after many attempts at getting anything more than a finger in her ass, we had to give up and do it the old fashioned way. Sorry booty fans! No DP anal gang bangs for Mia Khalifa anytime soon. The blooper from this scene where we try to fit something, anything in my butt is floating around on the internet somewhere. Hopefully the deep web where no one sane enough to pay for porn can find it. For all intents and purposes, the audition went great and she got the job! Her timidness quickly went away and she felt right at home in front of the camera.
Here is Mia’s Body, hope you like it. November 24, 2014 Mia is always in such a rush to have sex in her videos. So, she wanted to utilize a few minutes she had between classes to take the time to show off every inch of her body for you guys. Doing it in such a public place surprisingly turned Mia on a lot more than we expected it to. She ended up cumming really hard on the floor of the library at the thought of almost getting caught. Maybe next time We’ll make a video where Mia tries to get caught on purpose!
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